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The political climate in Waltham has been polarizing and toxic lately. Waltham’s elected officials make decisions that impact the value of our homes, our tax rate, our commute, our children’s education, and the tools given to our educators and public safety professionals. Common sense decisions and family values still hold water in Waltham. I strongly believe:

  • Transparency, accountability, integrity, and communication are the rules of the road
  • 3 large developments are coming in Ward 2. WHS, Piety Corner intersection re-design, and a 40B development at 305 Winter St. I will be the Ward Councillor to help our neighbors through this disruption with constant monitoring and follow-up.
  • Investing in aging city infrastructure and in education should be the priority for our taxes 
  • I will build an active and strong Ward 2 neighborhood advisory council
  • Sustainable, reliable land use is the only option, special permits should be rare
  • I consider the main role of a Ward Councillor to be helping residents navigate the city bureaucracy and solving local quality of life issues
  • I will work to insulate and mitigate any problems to abutters and all of Ward 2 from the Waltham High School construction at 554 Lexington Street
  • Open space management and city planning is needed
  • If elected, I will hold office hours and continue to deliver Ward 2 news, successes, and issues, both in person and electronically.
  • We need to re-invigorate “Hawk Pride” in our youth community, arts and athletics
  • Waltham’s problems are solvable with collaboration, compromise, and realistic solutions

554 Lexington St Construction

The construction of the new Waltham High School will disrupt our neighborhood for years. My leadership and organizational skills will be put to work to be the conduit between problems and solutions, residents and the City. Abutters near the site, those on the traffic corridors to the site, and all taxpayers need someone who will keep a close eye on protecting our neighborhood.

Safety in Ward 2

Three issues in Ward 2 need to be seen through to completion in the next three years. Bill will see these these completed to improve safety in our neighborhood:

  • Piety Corner intersection re-design
  • Lincoln Street sidewalk and crosswalk improvements
  • Skating rink parking and crossing Totten Pond Road

Support for Equitable Public Education

Bill attended Plympton (K-3), MacArthur (4-5), Kennedy Middle (6-8) and graduated from Waltham High School in 1992. Then attended Purdue University, a state school in Indiana. His wife teaches at Whittemore and his sons attend Kennedy and Waltham High now. He is a staunch supporter of public education and all the wonderful experiences that come with it.The construction of the new Waltham High School building in Ward 2 is a top priority. 

Street Paving and Repair in Ward 2

MANY residents in Ward 2 have made their opinions heard on much-needed paving. Some of our streets in Ward 2 are unsafe and have been neglected. Waltham has never handled or planned paving well. Bill will advocate strongly for proper planning, scheduling and prioritization.

Continued Protection of Hardy Pond

I grew up playing around, fishing, and skating on Hardy Pond. Today, I run Waltham Youth Baseball, formerly North Waltham Baseball League, right next to Hardy Pond. It is Ward 2's greatest natural asset and I will continue to promote it's safe use and cleanliness.

Veteran's Rink Upgrades

The hockey community in Waltham is strong. And very successful. I want to see safety upgrades and attention made to our rink. Crossing Totten Pond Rd is dangerous when the rink lot overflows. While the rink is technically state-owned and Waltham-leased, we can make improvements with a local city councillor leading the effort.

PILOT payments

We have many large non-profit institutions in our City who consume our resources and our tax dollars. Bentley and Brandeis charge over $50k per year to attend their non-profit educational institutions, yet do not pay the City of Waltham taxes. We also have two private high schools. I believe these and other large non-profits should make payments in lieu of tax contributions to our City.

UMass Field Station

I fully support the City's purchase of the 50 acres of land currently in use by various organizations at the UMass Field Station/Waltham Community Farm property. This property was originally intended as open space, recreation, and farming when it was left in trust by Cornelia Warren. The parcel should stay that way.

City Planning

Waltham is in dire need of urban planning. We need to focus our existing resources, and add them if necessary, on planning for:

  • Street maintenance and paving
  • Proactive water and sewer line work
  • City building refurbishment and replacement
  • Open space management and use

Progressive Waltham Questionnaire

Many local groups are beginning to send their questionnaires for to Waltham 2019 candidates. I'll be posting mine for everyone to see. The first was from Progressive Waltham, and I thank the organization for the opportunity. Please read my responses HERE.

Committee to Elect Bill Hanley
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